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Your website is the calling card for your small business in the fast-paced world of online marketing. Your website can do more than just make you recognisable for your customers, it can drive leads, traffic and sales for your business.

Maintaining a website is cheaper than traditional forms of advertising in the long run, inspires more trust and confidence in your products and services among potential customers, and puts you one step ahead of competitors.

A good website saves customers valuable time by offering information about your services upfront and advertises your brand 24/7, which is why many small business owners today prefer to maintain an active online presence. 

We Build Affordable Websites For Small Businesses In Australia

Important Components For A Good Small Business Website

[01]   Powerfully Engaging Landing Page

Your website’s landing page creates the strongest first impression in a potential customer’s mind about your business. A good business website’s landing page is clear, concise and to-the-point with information about your business and the call-to-action you want visitors to take upon coming across your site.

[02]  Compelling About Us Section

The About Us page of your website should take your customers along on the journey of your brand, its goals and core values. The content should inspire trust and confidence in your service in the minds of your customers.

[03]   User-Friendly Navigation

Accessing your website must be a simple, uncomplicated process for your customers to encourage them to browse further. A clean user-friendly navigation menu with well defined categories appeals to visitors and reduces user-end frustration.

[04]   Catchy Content

Your website’s content is the key to converting site visitors into long term customers. The content must be high-quality, tailored for your target audience, and engaging enough to hold their attention and make a lasting impression of your business on their minds.

[05]   Appealing Design

Your website design should target your ideal customer base, be easy to use, efficient in its features and still be visually appealing to keep visitors on your site and increase conversion rates.

[06]   Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Design

A large portion of your potential customers may access your website through smartphones or other mobile devices. Your website needs to maintain its quality and user-friendly features across every screen size. Linking your social media handles and actively maintaining your feed advertises your business in a consistent manner, 24/7.

[07]  Links To Social Media Presence

Customers are more trusting of businesses with an active social media presence and engagement with their online community.

[08]   Intuitive SEO And Keywords

Good SEO strategies ensure your business is easy to find for your customers in search results. Good business websites have relevant keywords embedded within their content to help them gain visibility in search rankings.

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