What We Offer

[01]   Web Design

First appearances are powerful for brand recall value and associations. When a potential customer hears about your business, your website makes the first impression on them. We create websites with stunning visuals and clean shapes and contrasts that appeal to people to browse further. Our designers carefully build website designs to suit the nuances and specifications of your business.

[02]   SEO Services

In a world where Google rankings drive the flow of traffic for websites, it is important for your business to rank higher to convert more customers. We offer SEO services that provide keyword research tailored for your industry that streamline attention to your website and take it to the top of Google search results.

[03]   Website Redesign

Don’t feel like your brand’s current look is right for it? Let us help you redesign a bold new look that draws attention and increases the conversion rate for your website. No matter how simple or complex the upgrade, we help your business find its perfect look with detailed consultations, effective web design strategy and smooth visual designs.

[04]   Web Maintenance & Security

Now you never need to worry over maintaining your website. Our team of professionals handles all website updates for you. We offer constant maintenance and security checks for your website. We troubleshoot for website crashes and broken links, as well as update SEO to stay on top of search results for maximum visibility. So, you can run your business with peace of mind- leave the rest to us.



before redesign

analyzing  UI/ UX effectiveness of your existing website

comparing performance of your existing website with that of your challengers.

determination of terms and costs of redesign

1 day


Landing page

one-page website

Creative & Unique design conception

Development using latest web design trends & technologies

introductory seo integration with google analytics

10–14 days

from $700


multi-page website

Creative Design Concepts

Development using latest web trends & technologies

mobile Optimized Design

Onsite Basic SEO

Integration with Google analytics

20–30 days

from $1500

Online shop

Creative ecommerce website with the functions to sell goods online

Creative design concepts using XD

Development using latest web design trends

adding product catalogue upto 50 items

product search, price filters & category options

payment gateway integration

mobile optimized pages

onsite basic SEO

Google analytics Integration

30 days

from $2000


Support & Maintenance at additional cost

friendly tech support

maintenance and corrections with additional scope of work

adding more web pages at extra cost

minor content updating to the existing website

from 1 hour

from $100/hr

The TechWave Advantage


10+ Years of Experience

10 years of experience in the web design industry gives us a unique perspective to understand our clients’ needs. We understand the nuances and unique requirements for each project and are passionate about providing the best service.


High Quality Websites

Our designers are committed to providing only the best quality of designs for our clients. Our designs are built with extensive creative strategy. The end result is beautiful, uncluttered, responsive web designs and interfaces that encourage visitors to your site and aid in its growth.


Affordable Prices- No Compromises

We make high quality web design services accessible and affordable, without compromising on website quality. We understand the hassles of running a company, and we want to make the process smoother by providing efficient, premium web design services at rates within your budget.


Personal Service

We pride ourselves on our service, starting from the very first design consultation. We offer continued support even after the website has been built. Our team works closely with you to help you realise your vision for your business and its online presence. We’re here to help!

We organize our work process effectively so each stage of our collaboration produces the best outcome.

Working stages

[01]   Analyze

Analyse business issues & develop effective
UI/UX website structure

Collecting materials & required details

[02]   Create

Producing creative web design concepts

sharing mock-ups and authorizing changes

[03]   Develop

Development of website using latest Trends

adding custom code

setting up animations

[04]   Launch

Adding contact forms & integration with Google 

Making connection with Domain and uploading content

You need to purchase a domain (if you don’t have one yet) and pay for Tilda hosting every month. Read more about Tilda plans here. 

Yes, it’s a public platform. By the way, the result of your work will depend not only on your ability to use Tilda but on your professional skills in creating user-friendly websites as well as a deep understanding of modern design principles and all technical details. 

You need to pay for Tilda's services a year in advance. After that, the option "do not display the platform label" will appear in the site settings. 

Yes. The domain can be connected using the website settings regardless of where and when it was purchased. 

Yes, we will tell you in detail how to do it after launching your project. If you need further technical support or making complex changes afterward, you are welcome to contact us. The charge of website maintenance after launch is discussed individually. 

Find out the cost of your website

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